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Young Simon & His Older Teacher

Young Simon & His Older Teacher

Simon found that he was still shaking long after Mrs Connor had left his side. His mouth was dry and his chest felt tight. His pulse throbbed when he recalled the older lady's gentle stroking of his firm young cock and he wondered at the way his fear and trepidation had simply melted away under her experienced hand.

His mind whirled as he remembered her praise when he'd finally ejaculated. He hadn't been expecting anything except disgust at his youthful enthusiasm but instead, she'd seemed surprisingly impressed. “What did she mean ………..are my reactions really perfectly normal, like she said... would she have gone further and sucked me off?”

He also thought about Mrs Brady next door, dressed only in her bikini, who first prompted him to masturbate himself in front of his mirror. He'd often wished that she would go further one day, maybe going topless thinking that she wouldn't be seen. Images of a less careful Mrs Brady reclining totally nude outdoors made his heart skip a beat and an erotic combination of images flashed through his mind.

This time he didn't have to imagine having his first intimate experience with a woman. A brief reminder of the soft feminine hand on his member earlier that day started Simon attempting to re-capture that special feeling. It wasn't quite the same but he tried his best to imagine it was Mrs Connor as he stroked himself off to another, though this time less spectacular ejaculation.

Later, having showered, Simon thought about the forthcoming evening's arrangements. He came very close to calling it off but, swallowing hard, he steeled himself to the fact that this was something he really wanted to do. He had often wondered what he should do if ever confronted by just such a situation and he wondered if he could persuade Mrs Connor to actually get naked with him this time.

The tension continued to grow as he waited and several times he almost made the call to cancel, once actually getting as far as dialling the number before quickly aborting the call. He had to go through with it. Did she really mean what she said about giving him more experience?

Finally he heard the sound of a key in the door and the familiar sound of Mrs Connor's voice calling out to greet him. Now it was too late to cancel and he swallowed hard as he rose to meet her.

At first, he found it difficult to look at her, but when he did he saw that she had really made an effort. He couldn't remember ever seeing her in full makeup before and he found it exciting that she was wearing it just for him. He recognised the perfume she was wearing as being the same one his Mother wore whenever she was going out on a special occasion and this, in turn, made him feel both grown-up and special.

As he stepped back from pecking her on the cheek he saw that she was also wearing a white, silk blouse that accentuated the huge swell of her breasts and made his heart leap. He observed also that she was carrying a small plastic shopping bag and his curiosity immediately arose as he noticed a few leather items inside it, up near the brim. Mrs Connor noticed Simon's interested look and, before he could speak, she changed the subject. “Do I look okay to you dear, dressed the way I am?”

Simon grinned happily. Somehow her smile had made him feel more at ease. He allowed himself to take a proper look at her outfit and noticed she was wearing a tight black skirt with a long split up the side and high heel shoes. Her nylon clad legs looked more enticing than he had ever remembered from before.

Mrs Connor was not a slim lady, but not exactly fat either. Well-endowed or full-figured would be kinder ways of describing her. She was, however, slightly taller than average and despite being somewhere in her sixties; she looked fit, healthy and full of life.

The reason Simon had never considered her body in the same light as he had with, say, Mrs Brady was, he realised, probably due to the way the two ladies normally dressed. Today, Mrs Connor had dressed how the younger Mrs Brady normally would and Simon had to admit that he found the effect amazing. “You look lovely” he breathed, “I never realised….” his voice trailed.

“Oooh come here” Mrs Connor responded girlishly, “I've wanted to give you a big hug all afternoon” and taking the youth into her arms she squeezed him tightly to her in a huge embrace. Simon grinned, but could think of nothing to say and so he just returned the hug, enjoying the warm clean smell of her neck and the fragrance of her perfume.

As they hugged, he could feel her breasts pressing against his chest and the inside of his arms. They felt much larger and firmer than he had thought they were and he realised all at once that he really didn't know too much at all about Eileen Connor, in spite having lived right next door to her for the majority of his life.

Out of the corner of his eye he noticed a wispy black satin garment that trailed into his view from the very top part of her bag. It looked like she might even be considering staying overnight he thought and his mind raced. He really didn't have a clue just what her intentions were but then, as if reading his mind she whispered into his ear, “I promised I'd make dinner didn't I?.... but, do you know….I'm really not that hungry at the moment, are you?”

“Not really” Simon replied cautiously, more curious than ever both about the bag's contents and the evening's activities to follow but too timid to ask.

“Maybe we need to work up an appetite” she murmured, “What do you think?”

Simon shrugged and, as Mrs Connor laughed and turned her face up towards his their lips met and they kissed gently, just holding their lips and their bodies tightly together. After a moment, Mrs Connor's firm hand dropped to Simon's bottom and she gently squeezed it. His cock reacted immediately and she broke free of the kiss, smiling at him with an all-knowing facial expression.

“Well, I can see you're getting rather anxious to start your first lesson” she grinned, moving her hand to lightly squeeze the growing bulge in his pants. “Why don't we go upstairs to your room and make ourselves more comfortable?” she continued and, without waiting for a response, she took his hand and led him to the stairway.

At the foot of the stairs she glanced back and suggested he follow her from three steps behind. “My husband always insisted on following me up the stairs for some reason” she giggled, “I wonder if you will be able to tell me why later on?”

As they climbed the stairs and Simon took a longer look at Mrs Connor's body, he already knew the answer to the question; from the light grey, wavy hair, down to her ankles which, in her high heels, looked more feminine than he had ever seen them, Mrs Connor looked gorgeous.

His eager eyes focused on her bottom, which was noticeably wider than the girls from his school but much, much sexier and a million times more inviting. His heart beat louder as he realised that she was putting on a show and wobbling her hips just for him. He pictured her naked body next to his, the anticipation of which made his erection twitch as it pumped up to maximum hardness.

Upon reaching the top, Mrs Connor turned briefly to give him a smile before entering his bedroom and approaching Simon's bed. Her bag was tossed unceremoniously onto the corner of it and, placing her hands on her hips as she did so, she turned to face him.

The old lady now appraised him far more critically. “Simon!” she said firmly, “before we go any further I want to talk to you”

He felt momentary panic at the prospect of her changing her mind but, as her words sank home, he realised she had already said they would be going further and so he listened carefully to the rest of what she had to say.

“I am 64 years old and you are 19. Many people would think that what we are doing is wrong, ---but I don't really have a problem with that. I think you and I could have fun together and I can teach you what you need to know but--” she paused for a moment, “I want to make sure that you clearly understand two things first.”

Simon nodded, without quite knowing why, but having acknowledged the young man's eagerness to start his lessons Mrs Connor particularised the two preconditions anyway; “One; that tonight is just for fun and neither of us is to become so involved in it that this little encounter of ours causes any problems to either of us.”

“Oh yes!” Simon nodded his head furiously “of course”

“Two;” she continued, “You never, ever, discuss what happens between us with anybody at all Simon. That means anybody, including your best friends” She stared at him hard. “Do you understand what I'm saying?” Simon nodded his agreement once again and, with that condition firmly understood Mrs Connor smiled, sat down on the edge of the bed and began to unbutton her silken blouse.

Simon now realised that all his fantasies about having sex were going to come true, albeit with a lady he had previously paid only scant attention to, and he watched intently as her fingers got to work on her buttons. Mrs Connor, however, stopped undressing and gave him a withering stare. “Well?” she enquired, “Would you like to get yourself undressed for me then? I want you totally naked so that I can have a good look at you.”

Her voice had taken on renewed authority, yet almost immediately her eyes softened. “You're not afraid of getting undressed in front of me are you my dear?” she whispered, with a twinkle of mock concern in her voice.

“No way!” Simon croaked, goaded into action and now almost falling over in his haste to get his gear off. Eileen smiled and continued to watch with growing interest, as first his trousers fell around his ankles and were kicked aside and then as his shirt and shoes disappeared in a flurry of movement leaving him standing before her clad only in a pair of shorts and looking distinctly apprehensive.

Eileen suppressed a grin and, straightening her face, looked at him inquisitively. When the only response she received to this raising of the eyebrow was a brief, nervous shuffling of each foot, she made her intentions clearer by pointing at his shorts and adopting a sterner tone of voice. “Off!” she commanded. “Now!”

The order had the desired effect and Simon gingerly eased the front of his shorts away from his body before he let them drop to the floor and stepped out of them. Suddenly, there he was. Standing naked as a jay-bird in front of her. With a fully erect penis bobbing, slightly ridiculously, in front of him.

Simon felt incredibly turned on and just couldn't help touching himself while he waited for his elderly instructor to take her own clothing off. He tried not to, but his cock had begun to twitch of its own accord and an embarrassing trail of clear fluid had now begun forming on the end of it. He pulled his foreskin back and forwards a couple of times, stopping only as he noticed Eileen looking him straight in the eye.

“Well…” she murmured slowly, “very impressive indeed!” simultaneously dropping her level of view and confirming to herself her earlier opinion that, although possibly slightly smaller than her deceased husband, the cock in front of her was a good five inches long and plenty thick enough to have some fun with.

“We are going to have some fun with that, my eager young friend” she continued, and without raising her eye level from her seated position, undid the final button on her blouse. Simon gasped and licked his lips nervously as a black lacy bra, only barely containing her quivering white breasts was revealed.

Slowly, and still staring intently at his penis as she did so, Mrs Connor reached back and unclasped her bra, finally releasing both heavy breasts to full view as she pulled the bra away from her and dropped it to the floor. She noticed, with satisfaction, that Simon's cock had visibly moved at the sight of her breasts and now she looked up at him as he stood transfixed before her and gently guided his hands to her breasts.

He had never experienced anything like this and he almost sobbed with emotion as he took each wobbling breast in the palms of his hands. At her guidance he rubbed his thumbs slowly against each nipple.

Eileen noticed that he was constantly checking her face for any sign of disapproval or displeasure and she smiled to him, reassuringly, but also as a genuine reflection of the pleasure she was feeling. ‘Would she feel guilty tomorrow?' she thought. ‘No, she hadn't planned any of this but it felt right and, by golly, she was going to enjoy it.'

She was semi-surprised to hear a low moan emit from her own throat, as if in confirmation of her thoughts, and she looked up at him coyly as the tingling sensation began to build within her body. “Do you like the way I look without my bra on Simon?” she whispered.

“Oh yes” he breathlessly replied. “I love your boobs….they're so…. big!”

It was true, and Simon couldn't believe their weight as he held, fondled and squeezed them or the feeling that just being allowed to do this was giving him. He shuddered with pleasure as she reached forward to take his dick in her hand but then winced slightly, as in one firm movement she forcefully pulled his foreskin back, revealing the entire purple head of his virgin erection glimmering wetly just inches from her mouth.

Teasingly, she looked up at him and licked her lips, causing him both to forget the momentary flash of pain and to realise, that for the very first time in his young life he was experiencing the pleasure of intimate contact with an adult member of the opposite sex.

He also understood that in addition to an enjoyable time he was going to receive a very good education from Mrs Connor who, instead of taking him into her mouth as he had hoped, was now easing herself away from him, moving further back onto the bed and slipping her shoes and skirt off as she went.

Simon moved forward with her but had to release her breasts as he climbed up onto the bed on his knees. His mind was racing with excitement as he knelt beside her. “Would you take off your panties as well?” he asked, “or can I...please?” he added shyly.

Without speaking she just looked at him and smiled, raising her hips as she did so. Simon took his cue immediately and, quickly finding the waistband of her black, silky panties with his shaking fingers, he pulled her knickers down in two swift movements; first to past her knees and then, as she raised her feet for him, completely off and on to the floor.

Without the slightest reservation or hesitation, Mrs Connor lay back on the bed and opened up her thighs to let Simon feast his eyes upon her. The old lady fully understood that this was uncharted territory for him and, after allowing him a few seconds to stare, she took control of the situation.

Moving her legs so they were spread on either side of his kneeling body, she addressed him in a firm, no-nonsense tone. “Now, young man” she demanded, “you are going to lick my pussy for all you're worth.”

She registered the expression of shock on his young face without displaying any change of emotion although she almost spoiled it by laughing as she caught sight of his young dick, throbbing and twitching with anticipation all on its own. The young “so and so” had probably thought this situation was purely for his benefit but now she had made it crystal clear who was in charge and, seconds later, Simon obediently lowered his head forward and lay down between her legs.

He paused briefly, his mouth inches away from her pussy, fascinated to be this close and to be allowed such a detailed view. He saw immediately that it was covered in a silky, light brown hair, almost silver in places and through which her thick outer lips and the dark divide between were clearly visible to him. The smell of her perfume was slightly stronger down here and yet it smelt somehow different too. More earthy or musky he thought. Sexy.

The scene before him was impossible to resist any longer and he slipped his tongue into the crevice between her lips and began to explore. The heat and the wetness of her almost immediately guided him towards the entrance he was seeking and, as Mrs Connor felt his tongue slip inside her she moved her hips involuntarily. “Use your fingers” she ordered, “use your fingers to hold me open.”

Simon did as he was told; trying several movements before finding the one that afforded him the clearest view inside Mrs Connor's pussy. He was fascinated at the pink inner lips and longed to slide his hard dick into those velvety folds. As if on auto-response he began to raise himself but was abruptly halted by her hands firmly pressing him down and holding him in position. “Now” she instructed “flick at my clitoris with your tongue.”

Simon looked closely for a moment. He didn't have a clue where it was and so moved his tongue around hesitantly. Mrs Connor had predicted this however, and very quickly her fingers appeared in front of him, two on each side, lifting the folds of her flesh upward and exposing the little hood of skin from which her clitoris appeared. “There!” she soothed, “just flick away at it softly with your tongue”

For the next 5 minutes Simon gently licked, kissed and sucked Eileen Connor's pussy in line with her instructions. Once, he spontaneously lifted her bottom off the bed and buried his face into her, an action which was rewarded with a squeal of pleasure slightly louder than the others she was making, but which he did not repeat because he thought he should stick closely to the directions he was being given.

A minute or so later, just as his tongue was beginning to ache badly and he was thinking about having a rest, he suddenly felt her began to come alive with movement. The pain under his inexperienced tongue diminished as the young pupil increased his efforts and he could sense a growing wetness forming. He wondered momentarily if it was just saliva forming on his chin that was causing it, but subconsciously he understood that he was about to create his first orgasm within another person.

At first the only noticeable signs were a couple of moans which were slightly louder than the others. Then, she began to move her hips more forcibly and the sounds began to increase in frequency and volume. She gripped his head firmly and at one stage pulled his face into her so tightly he thought he would drown in her wetness, but still he carried on licking and finally, as she climaxed, he felt a torrent of power build within her and, as it broke, turn rapidly into such a surge of pride within himself that he was sure it would burst from his cock if he allowed it to.

Mrs Connor emitted one final grunt and slumped, motionless onto the bed. Simon took this as his cue to rise, and as he did, he surveyed the scene in front of him. Mrs Eileen Connor, his 64 year old, silver haired, next door neighbour was lying naked in front of him covered in sweat, her eyes closed, her hair ruffled and a very contented smile on her face. She moaned her approval to him softly between deep, contented breaths.

For a second Simon thought she was drifting off to sleep but gradually her eyes opened partially and a sly, lustful look appeared on her face. “That was just terrific, darling” she breathed, “and now, I'd like you to fuck me.”

Simon swallowed, looked down at her body and took a good look at her ample breasts with their erect nipples. He saw the firm condition of her body, despite the 64 years and the few extra pounds she carried and he knew that he did want to fuck her, a need more powerful than anything he had ever known.

Week of Delight

Week of Delight

This is a true story that happened to me about five years ago. I was 49 years old at the time going on the urges of a 30 old male. My wife had died in a car crash about eighteen months previous to this story. (Names have been changed to prevent any problems with the real life people)

I had meet this middle aged (44 at the time) lady named Dee through a work friend of mine and been going out to dinners and shows for about two months when she asked me if I wanted to go on a weeks vacation up to the cottage her late husband (past way nine years ago) and her had in northern Minnesota. Being the outdoors type, I said, "Most certainly I would love to."

The following Saturday we had a nice enjoyable drive up through the northern pine, stopping once to use the pine needles as a "sex cushion" as she called them.

Upon arriving at the cottage, around midnight, we both were "worn out" from driving and retired directly to a "snuggling" nights rest. (we had agreed we were both to tired to enjoy each other)

I awoke early the next morning and went down stairs to make a pot of coffee, I went to sit on the deck over looking the lake to enjoy the mornings cool air and warming sun waiting for the coffee to finish. When I went back in to the "A' frame to get a cup of coffee, I met this younger tall red head that I had never met before. All she had on was a long "T" shirt type top that hugged her large breasts. She gave me a warm sweet juicy kiss and said 'you must be Dee's friend, she has been telling me so about." She said her name was Barb and she would be there all week with "US." She was about 45 years old and around five feet six inches tall with the largest set of "non sagging" boobs with the most prominent nipples I had seen in a long time. (I later found out she was 42 D-32-36) They were not "man made air bags" as most are now. After talking for a short time she got her cup of coffee and went back to the other bedroom to finish dressing.

I went back to the bedroom where I had left Dee and aroused her with a kiss and a lick to her oversized nipples. We kissed very deeply for a while as she stroked my ever enlarging erection. I reached down and rubbed her gorgeous ass as our tongues explored each others mouth. Dee then got down on her knees and looked me in the eyes as she started stroking the length of my cock. As our eyes met she started rubbing my balls and took my head into her mouth. I had my hands on her head as she continued to work her magic on my swollen cock. It felt so good it wasn't very long before I had to explode. She sensed it too because she told me she wanted all of it in her mouth. I tried to hold out as long as I could but it was useless, I felt my cock swell up even more before I exploded inside of her mouth.

Dee kept sucking as my cock twitched in her mouth with each shot of cum. I turned her over so she was on her back and I was on top, my stomach against her pussy as I started to suck on those big sweat glistening breasts of hers. I caressed one breast as I flicked my tongue over the hard nipple of her other breast. Dee's breasts were so firm and large, I couldn't believe that after all the times I jerked off while thinking about her that this was actually happening. I could feel her fingers running through my hair as I made love to her beautiful breasts. (She is 40 DD-30-34) I could also feel her grinding her pussy against my belly as I licked, sucked and nibbled on her chest. I then felt her pushing my head down and I moved from her breasts, to her stomach where I sucked and kissed her before ultimately placing my face between her legs. I placed my lips up against her swollen pussy lips and planted a big wet kiss on them. Dee really had a hold of my hair as my tongue parted her lips and made contact with her already swollen clit. As my big hands reached up to her breasts I ever so gently teased her clitoris with the tip of my tongue. Dee's pussy was so wet and smelled wonderful, I took my tongue and cupped it so that it was shaped in a way that I could use it to suck on her clit. This drove Dee crazy as she squirmed and moaned with pleasure. I continued to suck her clitoris while I inserted a couple of fingers into her dripping wet pussy. Dee went nuts as I slid my long fingers in and out of her while my tongue bathed her clit. She kept calling out my name and was really pulling my hair, I could tell by the way she was grinding her pussy into my face that she was getting close.

Dee's gasps confirmed that as her breathing became very heavy and she was moaning and groaning. I was really working my tongue on her when she started letting out those really high pitched shrieks. I felt her body start to quiver as she pushed her pussy up into my face and began to orgasm. I could feel her juices flowing and I lapped up every drop I could. When she reached her climax she pushed my face away as her body writhed in ecstasy on the bed. I wanted to continue to eat her but she wouldn't let me. After a couple of minutes her climax ended and my cock was again rock hard. She saw this and told me that she wanted me to fuck her. I climbed on top of her "doggie style" and slid the length of my cock back and forth over her wet pussy lips. She reached down and guided it into her swollen pussy. She arched her back to meet my forward thrust, letting my cock slide all the way in to my cum filled balls. We worked are magic stroking in and out for the next few minutes till my ball were ready to explode. She squeezed her swollen pussy tightly around my cock stopping it from exploding and whispered, "You have to hold off till I am ready lover." That did not take more than a few hard strokes and we both exploded in unison. After about an hour of playful cuddling and after-play we decided to get up and enjoy a shower together.

While I was washing her big succulent breasts and sexy body, I asked her who Barb was and why she had not told me about her. She said it was a surprise and did not want to scare me into not coming along. Her and Barb had been "friends" for many years and they wanted to "HAVE" the same man for a week. I told her that I would never pass up a chance to be with two "oversexed" women for a week.

After we got dried off and got dressed we went down to the kitchen to get some breakfast. Barb had heard us in the shower and had started something. She said, "I heard you two having a good time up there." I was hoping you did not use him all up Dee, I was hoping the three of us can have some "fun" after he get his energy back.

Dee said, I think he can hold his own with both of us. It is going to be us that are going to get worn-out with his "staying power."

After breakfast I suggested that we "ALL" go for a boat ride so we could relax and I could get to know Barb better. Dee and Barb thought this was a great idea, as they would have a chance to sunbath on the water. They said they all get a better tan on the lake then on the deck. We packed some food for a late lunch on the boat and added some beer and wine for good measure and cast off for what was to be a long hot boat ride.

These two ladies sat in the front of the boat socking up the sun topless while we talked and I asked question about their "FRIENDSHIP." I learned that they had gone to college together and used to date some of the same guys to compare notes about them. Dee suggested that I anchor the boat in this little hidden inlet and get some sun myself. I was just getting a beer when I felt one of the two ladies starting to apply lotion to my back. I turned around and Barb was rubbing suntan lotion on my back with her boobs. Her nipples where sticking straight out and her boobs were urging me to fondle them. I wasted no time in licking the lotion off her nipples and foundling her boobs. Dee got up and started to take my trunks off, she was having a hard time as they caught on my rock hard erection bulging in my trunks. Barb lowered her mouth to my cock to taste the precum that was already starting to flow.

She inhaled my whole cock in one slurp and licked it for at least a minute before Dee said it was her turn to have a suck. As Dee started to suck my cock Barb just put her hand in Dee's pussy and start to massage it's swollen clit. Dee moaned and just sucked my cock faster. Barb then turned and started licking my balls while still fingering Dee. I was about to shot my load when Barb said to Dee, " you got his cum this morning it's my turn now." She switched places with Dee just as I exploded all over her face. She chuckled as the cum ran down on to her massive tits. I just started rubbing the cum all over her and Dee licked it from her boobs and stomach. Barb let out a screamed as she climaxed with me playing with her boobs and Dee licking her pussy. We all then jumped in the water to cool and wash off for later fun.

This was all in the morning and early afternoon of the first day of the week. What is going to happen the rest of the week is in the next chapters.

Week At The Lake

Week At The Lake

Lenny and myself were to be up at the cabin for the next three weeks fixing the roof and the plumbing. Bertha came up the second week to cook and clean the place up. She also wanted to paint and do other things the forth week. Lenny asked me stay to assist, I said I would as I did not have to be back to school for another month. Well to make a long story intro shorter, Lenny got a call from his boss asking him to be at a job-site the middle of the third week, as he was an insurance investigator for work related accidents.

He said he would be back in a couple of days and to just help Bertha with the painting.

(He knew nothing about what happened in Lawn Work Rewards ) Lenny left the next morning, leaving Bertha and myself alone in a cabin fifteen miles from town and five mile by road to the next cabin.

Wednesday ---The first day alone ---

Bertha kissed Lenny goodbye and came back into the cabin where I was having breakfast. She looked at me and smiled as to say, look out boy your COCK is all mine for the next three to four days. She sat down and finished her toast and coffee, all the while rubbing my leg with her foot. I told her that I had to finish putting the shingles on the roof peak, as it was to rain this afternoon. She agreed that was best and told me not to get hurt up there.

I finished the roof about two hours later and after putting all the tools away took a quick dip in the lake to cool off. About a half hour later Bertha came down to the pier with just a Bra covering her massive 40D-28-36 tits and towel around her waist. She stood at the end of the pier and asked me if I was coming in for "LUNCH." I said I would be right up but did not have a towel. She removed the one she had and that is when I saw she just had a "G" string style panties on. (Remember this was in the middle sixty's and this style was not common in the mid west, California maybe, but not in our area)

She smiled at me and flicked her finger as to say, "come on now we have things to do." I climbed out of the lake and followed her to the cabin like a little "puppy dog." I got to the cabin about a minute after she had gone in the door; I opened the door and was grabbed by the arm and pushed to the sofa. She straddled my legs and rubbed my chest with her hands. I reached up and put my hands on her shoulder to brace her. I let one of my hands slide down to her right breast and cupped it. She said she was so glad Lenny was gone for the next fee days. I said I was to, but we had to get things done or Lenny would get suspicious. She agreed BUT said for the rest of the day she was going to make me very happy and she meant it. It had been eight months since we last were together by ourselves. I had been away to college and each time I was home for a break or holiday Lenny was also home.

I reached behind her back and found no bra clasp. She smiled and whispered in my ear, "it is the front on this one." I reached back around to the front and flicked the clasp open with my fingers. Her heavy succulent boobs fell free. She rubbed them in my face and I just licked each nipple as they passed my mouth. I stared as they swung free and fondled them ever so lightly. He nipples can to attention almost instantly. I took her left boob in my hand and guided the nipple into my mouth. I nibbled ever so gently on it and she moaned and went ridged with her first organism of the day. She told me her nipples as so sensitive she cums whenever they are played with. (This I remember from last summer)

She slid off my lap and pulled my wet shorts off my ridged cock ever so gently. She placed her hands on my cock and balls and kissed the head of my cock. All she said was, " I have missed "HIM" so much and now he is mine again." She put my cock into her mouth and slid it in and out for a few times. She then slid my cock all the way into her mouth and tongued the underside of my cock head as I exploded in her mouth. She swallowed almost all of my cum before having to release me to keep from gagging. I stood up and help her to lay on the edge of the sofa so I could lick her sweet juicy cunt. She removed the "G" string panties and draped them over my ears so I smell her sweet juices that had wet them.

I just started licking her pussy and reached up and lightly rubbed her nipples. She moved her hips around and squeezed my head with her legs. I keep licking her and stopped each time she was on the verge of cumming. After the fourth time doing this I stood up and raised her legs with my hand to and over the heard position and thrushed my ridged cock into her receptive cunt. She, her cunt, swallowed my thick cock and squeezed it tightly. I started to glide my cock in and out slowly. With each insertion she squeezed it at it "full in position." I looked down at her and she had the biggest smile on her face. She then closed her eyes and moaned. I pushed my cock all the way it and she exploded so hard it pushed my cock half way out. She squeezed my cock with her cunt and I slide back in to the fullest. I could feel my balls swelling and unloaded a minute long explosion in her cunt. She looked at me and as I leaned over kissed me for the first time today.

We showed and had lunch on the porch in the nude. (It was already ninety-one degrees in the shade today) She leaned back in her chair and I could see the sweat under her boobs. I reached over with a towel and ever so gently wiped the sweat from her chest. She smiled and closed he eyes as to say, "thanks sweetie."

I let her rest for the next two hours as I tried to build up some strength for what I knew was going to be a LONG evening.

About four in the afternoon the phone rang. I got up to answer it and gave the phone to her, as it was Lenny. After talking for a few minutes she hung up the phone and she said, "Lenny is going to be gone for about five days as the fire at the factory was worst than all had thought." (Lenny was an insurance company inspector / investigator)

I said, Great. Now we have all the time in the world to enjoy each other without "RUSHING" things. Bertha smiled and agreed.

We got dress and drove to town for an early dinner. After dinner we went back to the cabin and took the boat out for a sunset ride. After the sun went down it started to cool off on the lake quickly. I headed for the cabin with Bertha snuggled tight to my body. She keep rubbing my crouch and licking her lips. About half way back to the cabin she could not wait any longer and unzipped my pants and started sucking my cock. I reached over her back and started rubbing her behind. She slid he skirt up and I played with her ass thru her silk panties. She licked my cock and nibbled on its head till I came all over the boat dash. She laughed and reached up and took some in her hand and rubbed it on her crotch. I docked the boat and we went up the hill to the cabin.

Bertha suggested we sit on the porch, as it was not as cold on land as on the lake. I agreed and sat down on the swing. She snuggled up close so my hand draped over her shoulder cupped her boob. I tickled her nipple and kissed her ear as she stroked her hand up and down my leg. All of a sudden she heard a wolf off in the distant and she ran into the cabin. I found her in the bathroom hiding. She said she did not like that kind of animal. I kissed her got her relaxed. She sat down to pee and as I had to pee also took aim between her legs and mixed our urine together as it hit the bowl. After she peed I wiped her pussy with a towel and she returned the favor. She lead me to the bed room and after some more foreplay got me to play with her butt again. I rubbed it and tickled her "hole." she wiggled her ass and raised it in the air. I got behind her and slide my cock up and down her "butt" crack. She reached some oil and said to smear it in the crack and fuck her ass. I slowly put my cock up to her ass hole and she pushed backward as to get it started in. I slowly keep pressing my nine-inch cock into her ass. She reached thru her legs and found my balls. I instantly shot my load in her ass.

After I "SLID" out from all the oils she wiped me off and said, " I always wanted to try that since Jeanne had told her how good it felt." (You remember Jeanne from Lawn Work Rewards )

I told her that was the first time I had ever fucked a woman in the ass and never new it felt so good. She laid down in the "69" position and started licking my cock. I raised her top leg and started licked her pussy. I licked and sucked her pussy till the sun started to shine through the bedroom window.

Thursday --- The second day ---

Bertha got up and asked what I wanted for her to fix for breakfast. I said just let me suck that sweet milk from her nipples. (Remember the part in Lawn Work Rewards ) she said you need more than that for food as you got a long long day ahead of you plus having to do some work to keep Lenny from getting suspicious.

With that I got up and took a long hot shower. She had breakfast ready when I got back to the kitchen. There she stood with only an apron on. I came up behind her and rubbed my cock in her ass. She said, "Work first than play time ."

I work on the cabin till around noon and after putting the tools away again took a dip in the lake to cool off. I looked for Bertha to come down and bring me a towel, BUT she did not. I walked up the steps to the cabin and found her sitting in a chair with one leg over the arm and a silver dildo in her hand. She was rubbing it up and down her cunt. I just stood outside the window and watched her slid that "sliver" cock in and out of her hole. She got some of the strangest looks on her face. They went from sheer pleasure to a look of strong pain. She then slid the dildo in as far as she could and let out this scream of pleasure as she squirmed and fell out of the chair. I rushed into the cabin thinking she had hurt herself with the fall. She looked up at me and said, "I could not wait for you." She threw the dildo on the floor and crawled over to me. She grabbed my cock through my wet shorts and massaged it "hard." She stood up and pushed her pussy against my cock. She took off my shorts releasing my stiff dick. I held her close to me as she raised he leg so we could fuck standing up. I pushed my hips into her to assist her hornyness. She slid her cunt back and forth on my cock till she lost her balance and we fell backwards. I just got on my knees and slid my cock into her pussy and finished her off. We laughed afterwards at the stupid thought we could fuck standing up in the middle of the room. I told her, "You need to have one person against a wall to keep from falling over and "breaking someone pecker off."

During lunch the phone rang again. She answered it, turning to look at me with a smile that covered her complete face. She said, "sure come on up and enjoy the rest of the week with us." I looked at her and thought, "Their goes all the play time with someone else going to be here." She hung up the phone and said, I bet you cannot guess who that was?" She said it was Lenny's " horny than me " sister Debbie. She is going to come over from their cabin about sixty miles south of here. Lenny had called her to have her make sure all as OK with us.

We both decided to shower and clean up before she got here. I was just getting dress when she drove in the drive. She got out of the car and for the first time saw her in a halter-top and tight shorts. (I had seen her at Berthas and Lenny's house in town, but she was always dressed as businesswomen) This gal had a set of tit's that would not quit. Her ass hardly fit in those tight shorts.

Bertha met her outside the front door and talked to her for a few minutes before coming back into the cabin. When they entered I asked how the drive was and instead of answering me, walked over and grabbed my crotch. She turned to Bertha and smiled while licking her lips. Right then I know "PLAY TIME" was going to be twice as much fun. She rubbed my cock ever so firmly and brushed me tits against my arm. I reached under her halter-top and found no bra to stop me from pinching a nipple. She looked up at me and I leaned over to kiss her. (She was only five foot one inch tall and I am six feet tall) with that Bertha cam over and threw her arms around both of us and just chuckled.

The ladies went off to the bedroom and I went down to the pier to get the mail from the mail boat. When I returned they called to me to come into the bedroom to join them. I walked in the door and found them both naked on the bed with room between them for me. They said in unison, " Take off you clothes and join us." Debbie's tits where bigger than Bertha's. I stripped and dove in the middle. Debbie's nipples were dark and large. The nipples stood out about ¾" when hard. I just lay on my back with one on each arm. Bertha started playing with my nipples while Debbie stroked my semi hard cock to full erection. She looked over at Bertha and said, "You have been keeping this from me since last summer?" Bertha just shrugged her shoulders and smiled. I reached down to Debbie's crotch and slid my finger into an ever so wet cunt. She pushed her hips against my hand and rubbed my cock faster. All of a sudden she swung her leg over me hitting bertha in the hip. She positioned her pussy over my cock and sat down hard. Bertha said, "easy girl you don't want to hurt the TOY ." Debbie raised and lowered her self on my cock for a couple of minutes as I fondled her breasts that hung in front of my face. Bertha reached over and tickled one of the nipples and took my free hand and placed it in her cunt. I slid my finger around and through her hair just teasing her clit. Debbie can with such force the gushed all over the bed and me. Bertha turned a little to be able to reach one of Debbie's tits with her mouth. She licked Debbie's nipple and nipped it to firmly. Debbie screamed out loud and asked for more. This is when Bertha and myself found out Debbie liked "pain " with sex.

Bertha realized I had not cum when Debbie did so upon Debbie removing herself from my cock Bertha started jacking me off. Debbie started playing with Berthas pussy and with the three of us forming a triangle on the bed had a three some "69" going. Just as I was about to explode Bertha sat up and slid her pussy down on my cock. It did not take three strokes for both of us to climax together. Debbie just lay there stroking my balls and licking our juices off her fingers.

We all took a shower together and that is a story in it's self. The ladies where fun fighting over how I was going to "wash" first. I told them I would decide that based on who had the larger breasts. I know Berthas were 40D, but when Debbie said hers were 42 DD my mouth fell open along with Berthas. Bertha said she could not believe they were so large. Debbie said, "We will measure after the shower." I just asked them to stand side by side and I held one of each of their boob in my hands. I had to agree, Debbie's were larger and heavier to the touch.

While I was hold one of each of the ladies boobs they reached down and both held my cock and gently fingering it hard again. Debbie keep jacking me off till I exploded all over the shower. Bertha said she loved to see a man "cum free." She got so turned on she stood there rubbing her left boob and cunt all the time Debbie jacked me off. I could tell Bertha was about to cum as her knees got wiggly and she sat down on the edge of the tub and climaxed.

I washed both ladies from head to toe and then they both washed me. We all dried each other and discussed what we were going to do for dinner. It was at this time Debbie informed Bertha she had left her husband of twenty years after catching him with his assistant at the local motel. Bertha could not believe it. They went into the front part of the cabin to talk as I finished dressing. About an hour later they returned and finished dressing. We went into town to get some supper and do a little shopping as the stores stayed open late on Thursday evening. (Late in the north woods means 6:00 PM back in those days)

Upon returning to the cabin the sun was just setting so we all three sat on the porch and had a drink. Debbie started to cry and Bertha went over to sit next to her. I left them alone and went in to try to catch the "Cub's" game on the radio. I could not believe the "Cub's" were winning for once. About twenty minutes later the ladies came in and went directly to the bedroom. They closed the door behind themselves. I just sat and listened to the game thinking, I need not get involved in this mess.

About half an hour later Debbie came to the door and said, "Time to measure who is the larger of you two " BUSTY CHICKS ." As I walked into the bedroom I asked how this was going to be measured. If they stood up and measured they get one measurement. If they get down on their hands and knees and let their boob hang you get an other measurement. I suggested we do it both ways just to keep thing equal. They agreed. As I measured Bertha she rubbed my cock through my jeans. As I measured Debbie she just squeezed my cock ever so firmly. Debbie was larger than Bertha by over three inches. As Bertha assumed the hanging position I noticed she had also removed her panties. As I was measuring her heavy hanging boobs she unzipped my jeans and said, "Rub your cock in my ass crack." I did just that and after a couple of minutes Debbie suggested it was her turn for her measurement and ass rub. Again Debbie was larger the Bertha. When I started rubbing Debbie's ass Bertha was cupping my balls from behind. I could not hold back and exploded all over her back and ass. Bertha grabbed a towel and wiped off Debbie's backside. After all this "measuring" I looked at them and noticed that Bertha's nipples were larger in size then Debbie's. That then made it an even draw in the contest.

After this long afternoon and evening we all went to bed and slept all night. Me in the middle with a pair of bare-naked ladies, one each side of me.

Friday -- The third day, what am I to do? ---

Someone stroking my cock and kissing my nipples was what awakened me. Bertha was on the nipples and Debbie was working my cock. I suggested we all get up and pee before we all wet the bed. I was dragged back to the bedroom and thrown onto the bed. I said, "I have to get some work on the cabin done this morning." These two ladies had different ideas.

Debbie said this was her last chance to "attack" me before she had to leave for an appointment in town this afternoon. Bertha held me down while Debbie applied lotion all over my limp cock. She stroked it and it did not take ten seconds and it was at it full 9 ½" length. Debbie than got the sewing tape (cloth material that bends real easy) out and check the length and then the girth. She could not believe it was 6 ¾ " around at the base and 6 ½" around at the head. She looked at Bertha and said, "no wonder it was so tight."

Bertha said," I win that bet."

Debbie said, ' Sure, but I bet I win the next one."

I looked at them and said, "What bet is this."

They both looked at me and smiled.

I thought to my self, "This is either going to be fun or I and going to be sorry when this is over."

Bertha said, " I will let you have him all to yourself seeing I get him all weekend" and walked out to the kitchen.

Debbie just keeps stroking my cock and repositioned herself with her pussy over my mouth. I started licking that sweet cunt that was right in my face and raised my hands to hold those humongous tits. She wiggled hr ass when I touched her breasts. She slid back a little and took my cock between her tits and stroked it. The lotion still left on my cock made it slide ever so lightly between those massive tits. She just keeps squeezing her tits tighter around my cock. I reached up and slid my fingers into her wet cunt. She started to quiver and grind her pussy against my fingers. All of a sudden we both exploded our love juices all over each other. The way she was on top of me, her face got covered with my thick cum. She just licked her chin off and rolled over along side me.

We Wasn't Getting Any Younger

We Wasn't Getting Any Younger

I was 38 and Fred had just had his forty first birthday, things around here were beginning to look some what saggy and knowing that the only way was down we decided to get a video made of us for our ' grand children' to remember us by, well not quite.

Fred had a camcorder and plenty of friends that would give there hind teeth to come and make a video of us. But we thought that wouldn't be the same as a complete outsider doing it.

Looking in the adult contact section's of the magazine's, we were willing to pay for the service, but there were lots of men out there wanting to do it for nothing.

About five years ago, we did an horny session with a voyeur at a posh hotel not all that far from us here. That night, of course was a freebie, but we decided to meet this man at the hotel and we had booked a large room, at a large price for the privilege.

We met, had a light meal there, and Fred knowing that Champagne put me one step up the ladder, we were on our third bottle when the meal was finally over.

I have always been conscious of my body and whenever l knew sex was going to take place if at all possible l would spend time in the shower cleaning myself thoroughly, knowing that Fred was going to have his tongue in every opening l possessed. Must have made them bored, also in taking time in making myself up.

And hopefully looking the million dollars it had cost to do so.

Not dressed, but in a corset that had my protruding nipples sticking above the low cut cups, and a pair of crutchless panties and all in red, stocking's to match, l felt.... good. Giving a 'twirl' to Fred and this poor cameraman's eyes popped out of his socket's as l appeared and went over to Fred and planted a gentle kiss on his cheek.

The cameraman promised not to speak all the way through, as it was to be our video and we didn't want it ruined with a strangers voice in it. But before we started he did pay me some whopping comments that were very nice.

While l was in the shower they had worked out a scenario and they thought that while l was looking nice it would be more erotic if l were to put a blindfold on. Fred and me have played that game a few times alone and we both found it very rewarding, so l decided that for the first half hour or so l would.

It truly is erotic in such a situation, making it more so knowing that a camera was pointing at me while this was all going on.

Although we had naturally gathered in the bedroom and as the cameraman started filming and Fred began to wrap a piece of dark material they had found around my eyes, the last l saw was this camcorder aiming at my face and a hand guiding me out of the bedroom and leaving me alone as my knees rubbed on the leather settee at was in the lounge.

"Sit down Pat", Fred's voice said in a near whisper, "imagine your alone and feeling horny, play with yourself Pat". Fred said. Of course l obliged and feeling around my body, my nipples were already in a state of erection as l licked on my fingers and moistened the tips of my nipples. Feeling the presence of the cameraman and Fred was exciting and when l felt his breath on my face, it was nice to feel him kiss me gently and then feel his lips kissing at my neck and then a little suck on my nipple produced a squirm from within me. Staying there, it was then that Fred started to get involved and still sucking on my nipple's l felt his hand gently sliding under my panty line and my legs instinctively opened to accept Fred's hand resting on my shaved mound and his finger's found my moist lips and l sighed as one or two of them entered me, Still blindfolded and becoming unaware now of the third party Fred really knew how to excite me and his moist finger's were soothing my swollen clit, this time however, not stopping as l could feel my orgasm mounting between my open legs as Fred carried on sucking hard now on my nipples and his gentle fingers were now roughly inside me and hearing my wet pussy taking him l was soon gasping for breath when l screamed out the first of many orgasm's that long evening.

Alone again, laying on the settee now, one of my legs had made its way to be hanging over the back of the settee, the other was still planted firmly on the floor. A voice from above me made me lift my blindfolded face in that direction and Fred asked me to pull my panties aside so as to expose my now wet and red lips. Knowing the cameraman was down there somewhere l was teasing with a finger now, inserting it into myself and while moist was then rubbing it over my swollen clit. Still behind me, l felt his hands now resting on my shoulders, "suck on your wet finger's " Fred said. "Would you like it to be my cock", he continued. knowing that l love to please him that way, l sighed words of approval and carried on, this time exaggerating my sucking movements on my finger's.

Something was going on around me, l could hear things happening, but there was no touch, so l hoped it was Fred getting ready to give me what l needed.

The first feeling l got was a foot coming over my mid drift and resting between me and the back of the sofa, then the unmistakable aroma of Fred's body as l sensed he was only inch's away and with that felt his erection being guided to my mouth.

Over 15 years of being married to Fred had taught me exactly how to please him orally We have always kept our sex live's varied and exciting and just because there were times when l was unavailable' for him, that was not to say that other parts of me wasn't, and had always enjoyed the feeling of bringing Fred off this way. On occasion's when we has planned our evening Fred was always able to ejaculate a couple of times, and in a way getting that first one over with made for stronger love making later on.

Fred was firmly in charge however this particular evening, l was pinned down on the sofa, blindfolded and had a very excited Fred deep inside my mouth. Willingly, l had both my hands on his chest a little tweet of his nipples always gave me a pleasant twitch of his erection as it was inside me.

He was putting on the dominant side of himself this night however, and holding my hands now widely away from my body he was ' fucking' my face. Being unable to move now, all l could do was enjoy his inevitable orgasm with him and his groans and speed were telling me thing's were reaching a powerful climax and a shrill of delight from him and his cock at a maximum inside l felt his body go rigid above me and panic set in as he fumbled to withdraw it and l heard him scream as the first of many spurts of his juices hit me heavily around my face.

I know that l must have looked a site, l know that l was smiling for the camera, if he was still around that is as l felt the now cooling liquid running down my face, cheeks and neck. Fred was still above me and still enjoying his climax as he lowered himself and still erect l opened my mouth gladly for him to insert himself back into me. With my hands free now l was milking out of him what little he had left to give me, before collapsing over me and he settee. Heard Fred shout cut to the cameraman, who obviously was still present while he climbed gently off of me and with a towel cleaned his fluid's from my body.

Pulling me up of the settee, holding my hands he suddenly said "right", obviously talking to the cameraman, he said start again, this time he was to take off my blindfold and the sudden light in the room made me blink and rub my eyes for a while. "I want to fuck you over the settee Pat, he said and the arms were high enough for me to position myself with my ass in the air as l laid down hugging onto the settee. I was conscious now of the cameraman and while Fred was positioning my body wrapped over the settee l knew my cunt lips were spread open and l could well imagine this guy with his camera shooting my inner most parts. Fred had me opened wide and now and l can only imagine what a sight l looked, then completely unexpected l felt his tongue enter me and l gave a groan of excitement as my thigh's gripped hard around the arm of the settee. Each long lick, the length of my slit gave the same reaction from me, one of pure joy. Fred knew how to satisfy me there, like l do to him, he also has two ways, one to get me off, and one to keep me floating on the ceiling until he is ready to bring me down. I felt my juice oozing out of me as my thigh muscles were begging to hurt pressing down around the arm of the settee.

"Oh, fuck me Fred l begged, fuck me hard". " what do you want Pat", He teased,

" Oh, l want your cock, l want you in me please Fred " l begged. Still the licking went on, l know it was for the camera, he wouldn't let me beg this long, but even so enough was enough. " please fuck me," l kept begging, bordering now on the verge of an orgasm, but l wanted his first powerful stroke to give me that. "please Fred", l begged again, this time l think l had won.

Feeling open and exposed for only seconds now, l was soon to feel his erection searching around my eager wet lips, then that special feeling as he pushes every inch of himself deep inside me, l stop breathing at this point, taking in the sheer thrill of it all. As if he feels he is inadequate he tries to pump more of himself inside me, my breath eventually comes back with a groan, and faster and faster now and with my orgasm screaming out Fred's also starts to go faster and deeper and soon we are singing our tune together as he pushes himself deeply inside me and l feel my inside being filled by his wonderful juices.

In some pain now and with Fred again collapsing his weight onto me, his perspiration dripping warmly onto my back and mine onto the carpet, knowing this is all for prosperity we lay like this for several minutes, then a giggle from me is followed by one from Fred and all of a sudden the photo shoot is over............